PAB History

A little note from the owner

Hello PAB Family, my name is Vienna Ortiz, owner of The Planner Addict Box and this is the first photo I took when I launched my box in a YouTube video April of 2014. I was nervous, excited and ready to put this into the universe. After having been in the planner community for some time, I would get emails asking where I got my planner products from and if I could help them get the same ones. This wasn't physically possible, so one night, I thought of a great idea, "what if I could put a box together of some fun planner goodies and send it to all of these amazing planner gals?" I thought it was so fun and I got to work. 

I wanted all of my planner goodies to be unique with my own designs so I decided to make everything by hand. I created a sample box, posted my video and I was shocked to see my first 100 orders come in. I immediately got to work, but I had underestimated how much work it really was going to be doing everything by hand. I must admit, I spent many sleeples nights cutting and glueing page flags, glueing notepads together, cutting and stapling notebooks and I still needed to wakeup and go to my graduate classes the next day. I was in grad school studying to be a teacher but my passion was always when I would get back home and work on these boxes. Somehow I made it through that month but handmade items was now out of the question if I still wanted to have hands moving forward. 

Below is a picture of the first box, everything was handmade, cut and glued together by me (minus the journaling cards).

We will celebrate 3 years in April and I am proud of how far I have come and we have come as a PAB Family. We couldn't have gotten to this point without all of you and the inspiration of the planner community, which constantly pushes us to be better with each and every box. We have made mistakes, celebrated accomplishments and have had a lot of fun doing so. I am proud to say that now our products do represent my original designs and products and I still have my fingers (a win, win scenario). Let's make 2018 the best year yet!!

Happy Planning,
Vienna Ortiz
Owner Of PAB