1. What products do you offer? •The Planner Addict Box - A mixture of stickers and other planner items. • The Planner Addict Sticker Box- Only stickers. • Offered periodically: Ring Bound Bundles- Offered in personal and A5 size for planners with 6 hole rings. >NEW! TN Bundles- Offered in pocket and personal size for travelers notebooks.

2. When do these items ship? •The Planner Addict Box- 1st-3rd of the month. • The Planner Addict Sticker Box - 25th of the month. • Bundles- Varies, as add-ons periodically.

3. What is the cut off date to order the current box or bundles? •We will stop taking orders every 10th of the month unless we are sold out or at capacity.

4. Am I automatically renewed each month? When am I renewed each month? •Yes, if you have a subscription with us you are automatically renewed each month.  • Planner Addict Box- 8th of the month. • Sticker Box- 1st of the month •

5. Can I cancel? •We will be sad to see you go but you can cancel at anytime by logging into your account and clicking cancel, you can also skip a renewal and come back later on.

6. What if my payment fails during a renewal? •You will have until the 10th at 11:59pm to fix your card on file and get the current box. If the payment is not updated in time your account will expire. You can change your information at anytime.

7. Why am I paying so far in advance? Which box am I getting? • We like to list our boxes around the 23rd/24th of each month for the following month. (For example: We have put September's box live July 23rd because we are currently boxing up August's box to ship the 1st-3rd of August. Once you purchase that first time and receive your first box, you will see things sync up a lot better.)

8. I have a question about my order where do I go? • You can contact customer service at info@theplanneraddictbox.com for any questions you may have. Please allow at least 48 business hours for a response. That's M-F 8-4 PST not including weekends.

9. I haven't received a response yet? Why? • Don't worry, this could be for a couple of reasons, we may have an influx of emails (around renewal day, cancelation day etc.) and we need to look deep into your account to find your answer. Could be the weekend or could be that we didn't receive it. If more than 48 business hours had passed please do send your email again so we can be sure that we got it, but sending a duplicate before will only slow down the process. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

10. I missed a box but was wondering if you had leftovers? • We try to wait to see if anyone has issues with their order before selling leftovers, you can expect leftovers to be sold in our shop section about 3 weeks after they ship. We will post a link to this when it's available.

11. I want to change my product to a different product how do I do this? • You can login to do this at anytime at your own convenience, just make sure you do this before we sell out or before the next renewal date.

12. Do I have 2 subscriptions if I have the Planner Box and the Sticker Box? •Yes, our Sticker Box and our Planner Box are on 2 different websites so you will have 2 different logins and 2 different subscriptions.

13. Can I buy a gift for someone? •Yes, that would be great, login to your account and go to our gift card section in the Shop section where the ring bound bundles are and purchase one for a friend.

14. I'd like to be featured in the box, is this possible? •Yes, we would love to have you, you can email us to shops@theplanneraddictbox.com

15. I'm trying to reactivate my account why won't it let me? • You can't reactivate if we are currently sold out, but as soon as you see the next box go live, you are good to go.